Who did Tara McConnell marry?


Who did Tara McConnell marry?

Ed Tesher
Jun 13, 2021Jul 24, 2020Jan 21, 2021 · On July 9th, 2016, she got married to Ed Tesher, changing her name to Tara McConnell Tesher. Their wedding took place near Rehoboth Bay in Delaware. About 70 numbers of family members and friends attended the wedding.

What does Ed tesher do for a living?

Ed Tesher – Business owner – Coastal sales associates | LinkedIn.

Who owns Temp Tations?

Tara McConnell Tesher
Celebrity Entrepreneurs Tara McConnell Tesher, Electronic Retailing Pioneer and Founder of Temp-tations® and Tara at Home™ and Kevin Harrington, Original Shark from ABC’s Shark Tank and the Inventor of the Infomercial Introduce “Make You Happen”

Is Temptations cookware lead free?

Yes, temp-tations® melamine tableware and acrylic drinkware meet all Federal and state government standards for lead safety.

Does temptations cookware contain lead?

Where is Tara temptations made?

Temptations Presentable Ovenware Hand Painted Floral Lace Ceramic Blue and White Serving, by Tara Made in China.

Are temptations dishes made in China?

Yes they are mass produced in China and are defective, cheaply made, and have proved to be quite dangerous as many QVC members reported on the Temptations Forum, as well as across the internet.

Does temp tations cookware contain lead?

Who is Tara McConnell married to on QVC?

Tara was supported financially by CSA which worked with Temp-Tations. She got profited with 2million dollars and now is the owner of the company. She got married to Ed Tesher who is the owner of Coastal Sales Associates. “QVC Queen” is the nickname she got while working on the field.

Where did Tara McConnell get married in Delaware?

What an honor and a privilege to be a part of Tara McConnell’s magical wedding weekend! As you would expect, Tara and her man, Ed planned everything down to the last perfect detail. The wedding took place in Delaware overlooking Rehoboth Bay on Saturday, July 9, 2016. 70 family members and friends gathered for the outdoor ceremony.

Who is Tara McConnell and what does she do?

Tara McConnell is the owner and founder of the successful business company which she brought to this stage from scratch. She was born on 1 February 1974. She interned for the marketing firm Coordinated Strategic Alliances and later she built up her own company Temp-Tations Limited Liability Company.

How much is Tara McConnell’s net worth estimated?

Along with Kevin, she ran an educational entrepreneur based event series ‘Make You Happen” at Sheraton Valley Forge Hotel in Pennsylvania. The program teaches the participants about ‘Tara at Home’ business from scratch. Her net worth is estimated to be a few million dollars. Height : No confirmed information is available.

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