Who is Diego Cera?


Who is Diego Cera?

It was named for Fray Diego Cera de la Virgen del Carmen (1762–1832), the Spanish missionary from Huesca who designed and built the world-famous Bamboo Organ in 1824….Diego Cera Avenue.

R-2 Padre Diego Cera Avenue
North end N62 (Elpidio Quirino Avenue) / Villareal Street at Parañaque–Las Piñas boundary
N411 (Alabang–Zapote Road)

Who is the founder and inventor of the Philippine bamboo organ?

The builder of both the church and its organ was Father Diego Cera de la Virgen del Carmen, a Catholic priest under the Augustinian Recollects. A native of Spain, he served as parish priest in Las Piñas from 1795 to 1830.

When was the bamboo organ built by Father Diego Cera?

Diego Cera started with the construction of the bamboo organ in 1816 and it was finished eight years after in 1824. It has gone through a lot since then. During the 1880s, there was a typhoon and earthquake that damaged the roof of the church, which left the bamboo organ open to nature’s elements.

Where is the native country of Father Diego Cera de la Virgen del Carmen?

Fray Diego Cera de la Virgen del Carmen, a native of Spain, traveled from Mabalacat, Pampanga province and arrived on the town on the day after Christmas of 1795. Soon after, he started building the church made from adobe (volcanic) stones in the Earthquake Baroque architectural style.

How many barangays are there in Las Piñas?

20 barangays
Las Piñas is divided into 20 barangays. These barangays are grouped into two legislative districts, each with its own set of representatives in the city council.

What is Bamboo Organ instrument?

One afternoon, I treated myself to an educational tour about the Bamboo Organ and its origin. The tour started with a brief history of the Bamboo Organ’s founder, Fr. Diego Cera, an Augustinian priest who was the first parish priest in Las Piñas.

How old is the bamboo organ as of 2021?

200-year old
A series of concerts given each year at St. Joseph Parish Church in Las Pinas. As the name suggests, the church’s most famous resident is a 200-year old organ made almost entirely of bamboo which was declared a National Cultural Treasure in 2003.

When was the first Bamboo Organ Festival?

The first-ever bamboo organ festival in 1976 was sponsored by the Cultural Center of the Philippines and highlighted Filipino artists. This year its 43rd anniversary showcases how the festival has grown into a full international music event.

What did you discover about the Bamboo Organ Festival?

Built between 1816 and 1824 by Fr. Fray Diego Cera, the bamboo organ’s pipes were uniquely made up of almost entirely of bamboo. Anticipating its return in 1975, the locals of Las Piñas started the International Bamboo Organ Festival, to truly celebrate the reborn of the instrumental heritage and its astounding sound.

How old is the Bamboo Organ as of 2021?

Is Las Pinas part of Rizal?

March 27 1907 – Las Piñas was declared an independent municipality of Rizal province by virtue of Philippines Commission Act No. 1625. It separated from the town of Parañaque and became an autonomous municipality.

What is the biggest barangay in Las Piñas?

Zapote is a barangay in the city of Las Piñas. Its population as determined by the 2020 Census was 20,851. This represented 3.44% of the total population of Las Piñas.

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