Why are the Teletubbies not good for children?


Why are the Teletubbies not good for children?

Narrator : Teletubbies love each other very much. Simply not good for children. This show, if anything, will slow down the development of a child. When the Teletubbies watch a little film clip in their stomach, thats fine… but then they do it “again!” Ask just about any child psychologist… repetition does nothing for a child except bore it.

Who are the creators of the Teletubbies TV show?

Teletubbies: Created by Andrew Davenport. With Jessica Smith, John Simmit, Nikky Smedley, Pui Fan Lee. Four creatures with televisions in their stomachs have fun in their magical world.

How are Dipsy and Po related in the Teletubbies?

Dipsy plays at the control panel. Then the Teletubbies watch some children look at otters with Andy. Dipsy and Po decide to play together. They show each other their special dances and then they dance together. Then they show each other how they stand on one leg and then they stand on one leg together.

What do the Teletubbies do on the miniature golf course?

The Teletubbies is a UK show about four stubby aliens who live on a giant miniature golf course. They walk around the course doing simpletonic tasks and eating alien toast. Their only means of communication is nonsensical jabbering and slight English-sounding words.

What do the Teletubbies do in the rain?

The Teletubbies watch some children playing in the rain. Then the Teletubbies rush off to do the Splashing Dance by the Home Hill. A cloud makes a puddle in Teletubbyland and all the Teletubbies end up stepping in the puddle. The Windmill starts to spin so the Teletubbies rush off to their usual destination in Teletubbyland.

What are the names of the siblings in the Teletubbies?

They watch a group of siblings named Matthew, James and Mark talk about their pig, Winnie. Following this, the Teletubbies perform a jumping dance. They play a game called “This Little Teletubby,” in which Dipsy goes for a walk, the other three stay at Home, Tinky Winky has Tubby Custard, Laa-Laa and Po have no custard, and Dipsy runs home.

What happens at the windmill in the Teletubbies?

The Teletubbies have fun dancing to the music. Then the Windmill starts to spin and the Teletubbies rush outside to watch a Magical Event. The Teletubbies hear beautiful music in the distance and they head towards it. They stop outside the Home Hill and gasp in wonder as a Magic Tree starts to grow, along with leaves and five doves appear too.

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