Your Library: Behind the scenes


Library staff are here to connect you with information, support and your community but who exactly are they? Let’s take a glimpse behind the scenes…

National Libraries Week is being celebrated at the University of Warwick Library from Monday 8th October 2018.

If you have visited the Library, you will have probably walked past a member of staff at the Helpdesk, wandered past staff organising the bookshelves, or perhaps you’ve spoken to an Academic Support Librarian about a subject specific resource.

Library staff are committed to supporting the whole student. They are here to connect you with information, support and your community, but who are they? Let’s take a glimpse behind the scenes… perhaps you will get a good book recommendation too!

Customer Support

I’m Kim, and I work as a Customer Support Officer in the Library. In the Customer Support Team we assist students by answering queries at the Helpdesk on Floor 1, 7 days a week, 08.30-21.30. We also respond to queries by telephone and email, as well as providing a roving enquiry service during term time. We can be recognised by the red Helpdesk lanyards that we wear. My favourite spot in the Library is in the Reading Lounge on one of the WeWatt bicycles – you can charge your phone as you cycle!

Academic Support

I’m Chris, an Academic Support Librarian in the Library. I support staff and students with all aspects of finding and accessing information through the Library. I run induction and training sessions on a wide range of subjects, showing students and staff how to find books and online resources using the Library catalogue and other search engines, helping students with referencing and avoiding plagiarism. I also help students and staff on a one to one basis. Each member of our team specialises in supporting different subjects (I support several of the science departments), so whichever department you are in one of our team will be able to support you.

My recommended read is “The Unredeemed Captive” by John Demos. It combines good history with a great story and it was the book that got me studying history at Warwick!

Your Library: Behind the scenes

Scholarly Communications

My name is Julie and I’m the Scholarly Communications Manager here at the Library. I support academic staff and students with a whole range of activities including planning, managing, publishing and disseminating their research and I deliver training on a number of University programmes, including the Research Students Skills Programme and Accolade. I also lead on the Digital Tools for Researchers Moodle course and help staff the Library’s Twitter account. I’ve only been in my current role for a few weeks, but I’ve been working here at the Library in various roles since 2014, so I’m not really ‘new’.

My recommended reads are ‘The Mobile Library’ series by Ian Sansom. Don’t be put off by the covers (which are truly terrible) – or the fact that the central character is a librarian – they’re well-observed, gently satirical and often laugh-out-loud funny.

Your Library: Behind the scenes

Resource Acquisitions and Digital Access (RADA) and the Modern Records Centre (MRC) 

I’m Lizzie and I am a Library Assistant (but I have other roles in the Library too!)

Library Assistants help students to get the resources they need in a timely manner so that they can concentrate on their studies. We scan reading lists, order the latest editions of book titles where these are needed, and then unpack books when they arrive. We also manage the Library’s collection of e-books, respond to book suggestions received from students or their academics and source replacement copies of damaged books. It’s a massive operation and one that keeps the Library stock up-to-date.

I also provide support as one of four Records/Archives Assistants at the Library’s Modern Records Centre (MRC). The MRC looks after primary sources which anyone can use to learn about historical events and explore political and sociological issues. We answer enquiries, demonstrate how to use the archive catalogue, assist in the running of the MRC’s Twitter account and fetch archive material for researchers. Using archives in your undergraduate presentations and assignments will help your work stand out and they are a vital component in the original research undertaken by postgrads.

My favourite place in the Library is the MRC’s Exhibition Room. It’s nice to get away from the interruptions, noise and queues on campus and take a moment to look at what’s on show there. The topics covered vary greatly and I always learn something new every time I take a look round.

Your Library: Behind the scenes

Community Engagement

My name is Philip and I am the Community Engagement Coordinator (Undergraduate & Teaching). The Community Engagement team supports students’ wellbeing in library spaces and beyond. We run a programme of Study Happy events designed to help students feel part of their community, develop new skills and most importantly, to take a break and have fun. Study Happy events and workshops also give students a chance to get creative and to relax and socialise. We also collaborate with departments across the University allowing students to explore the many opportunities available to them. Above all we help students improve their wellbeing.  I am a big fan of Charles Dickens. His novels, along with our team’s office, are based on floor three – so this is definitely the place to be!

Your Library: Behind the scenes

Just ask!

Library staff are here to help so if you have any questions, just ask! For more information, please visit The Library Website or ask a member of staff.

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