How do you breed eggs in Pokemon Platinum?


How do you breed eggs in Pokémon Platinum?

The fastest way to get an egg is to breed two Pokémon of the same species with different OTs. This will give you a 70% chance of producing an egg every 256 steps. Pokémon from different trainers have a higher probability of producing an egg. Pokémon of the same species have a higher probability of producing an egg.

What Pokémon make egg together?

If Pokémon share an Egg Group, they can breed. The only exceptions to this are Ditto, which can breed with almost anything, and the Undiscovered Group, which is for unbreedable Pokémon, namely Legendary and Mythical Pokémon. Ditto Group: This group is just Ditto.

What is undiscovered egg group?

Undiscovered is one of fourteen different Egg Groups. Egg Groups are used to identify which Pokemon can breed together, but this particular egg group is for Pokemon that cannot breed. The list mostly consists of legendary Pokemon and select baby Pokemon that can only be obtained from breeding, or rarely in the wild.

What legendary can breed?

The only legendary that can breed is Manaphy. That is most likely because it makes Phione, and Phione isn’t exactly a legendary pokemon. It is also very possible that they have their own breeding grounds.

Are there any Pokemon that are compatible for breeding?

Pokémon are compatible for breeding if: 1 They are not legendary Pokémon, baby Pokémon, Unown, Nidorina or Nidoqueen. 2 They are of opposite genders. 3 They are in the same egg group (see table). More

Where can you breed Pokemon in Pokemon Crystal?

From Generation II onward, Pokémon can be bred by leaving two compatible Pokémon at the Pokémon Day Care (that takes two Pokémon) or the Pokémon Nursery . Pokémon can be bred at Pokémon Day Cares or Pokémon Nurseries at the following locations:

Do you have to breed Pokemon in the same egg group?

So you’d need to breed the move onto a Pokémon like Pikachu (Fairy/Field groups) then onto a Pokémon like Arbok (Field/Dragon groups). Each Pokémon is assigned to one or more egg groups, and only Pokémon in the same egg groups may breed. Here are some examples to make things clearer! 1. Basic breeding

Can you breed two Pokemon at the Paniola ranch?

Paniola Ranch. Two Pokémon are compatible if they are of the same species (or share at least one Egg Group) and are of opposite genders; alternatively, breeding is usually still possible as long as one of them is Ditto, even if the other parent is genderless, and in fact, genderless Pokémon can breed only with Ditto.

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