How does the Hound track its prey?


How does the Hound track its prey?

The Mechanical Hound tracks its prey by scent and kills by injecting it with “massive jolts of morphine or procaine” (22) via a needle in the Hound’s proboscis. The prey, like books, corpses, and anything else unwanted in society is then incinerated.

How does the mechanical hound find its prey?

The Mechanical Hound is a robotic animal that firemen can deploy to hunt and catch fugitives. It can be trained and programmed to hunt its prey very quickly by smell. Once it catches its prey, the Hound injects the person with a sedative; unable to run, the drugged fugitive is easily captured.

Who programmed the mechanical hound?

Like the Furies, the Mechanical Hound has been programmed (by the government) to avenge and punish citizens who break society’s rules. The ones who are not loyal to the rules must especially be punished, and the Hound serves as the enforcer of these rules.

How do the firemen control the hound?

In Fahrenheit 451, the firemen control the Mechanical Hound by programming its olfactory system so that it can recognize and hunt its prey as a real dog does, by following their scent. Montag thinks that someone may have been using the chemical formula for his scent to make the Hound react to him in a hostile manner.

Why do you think the mechanical hound has been programmed to react to Montag?

-The hound has been programmed to react to Montag because he gave Beatty the suspicion that he was guilty of owning books, so Beatty programmed it to react to Montags chemical complex as a warning of what will happen if he doesn’t get rid of them.

How is Montag sensitive?

Montag also becomes sensitive to people like Clarisse because she is different. He doesn’t judge or criticize her. Montag’s desire to learn also prompts him to desire a change in the way his society behaves toward life and people who are different.

How does the Hound react to Montag?

When Montag greets the Mechanical Hound, it responds by growling at him. This is an unusual response, given that Montag is a fireman and that the Mechanical Hound is a tool of his trade. Moreover, the Hound is designed to obey, as Captain Beatty comments: It doesn’t like or dislike.

Is Guy Montag admirable?

He is a likeable character because his willingness to change himself is a truly admirable trait. In conclusion, Montag is a likeable character because he is compassionate, loving and willing to reflect on his flaws.

Is Montag black?

The novel’s protagonist, Guy Montag, takes pride in his work with the fire department. A third-generation fireman, Montag fits the stereotypical role, with his “black hair, black brows… fiery face, and…

Why does the beetle pick up speed?

Why does the Beetle pick up speed and almost run over Montag? The kids in the Beetle saw Montag and wanted to kill him just for the sake of doing so. The only reason they didn’t kill him is because he fell down, turning himself into a sped bump that could turn the Beetle upside down due to its speed.

What does the Hound represent in the Terminator?

The Hound represents government control and manipulation of technology. Originally, dogs served as the rescuers for firemen. They were given the job of sniffing out the injured or weak. However, in this dystopia, the Hound has been made into a watchdog of society.

How does the Mechanical Hound effect the human body?

The Mechanical Hound then injects massive amounts of morphine and procaine into its victim, leaving them incapacitated. The procaine and morphine essentially anesthetize the human body, which prevents the victim from being able to move or escape.

What does the Mechanical Hound represent in Fahrenheit 451?

Sighting through the “green-blue neon light” of its multifaceted eyes, the Hound is masterminded by a central command for rapid deployment and near perfect accuracy. The Hound represents government control and manipulation of technology.

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