What loft is a Cobra 4 hybrid?


What loft is a Cobra 4 hybrid?


Club Loft Length with COBRA CONNECT
2 H 17.0° 41.25″
3 H 19.0° 40.50″
4 H 21.0° 39.75″
5 H 24.0° 39.00″

What loft is a Cobra 6 hybrid?

Cobra King F6 Hybrid – Product Details

UK Launch 15 January 2015
Shaft Flex Light, Regular, Stiff
Grip Lamkin R.E.L. 360
Number/Loft 2-3/17.5°, 4-5/23.5°, 3-4/20.5°
Manufacturer’s Website Cobra Website

Are Cobra hybrids any good?

Our verdict on the impressive Cobra Radspeed hybrid. A very well rounded hybrid club from Cobra. Its versatility, distance and overall value for money make it an excellent all-round package and has to be on your shortlist if you’re looking to invest in a new hybrid this year.

Are Cobra hybrids easy to hit?

Forgiving and easy to hit off of fairways Cobra continue to make even better clubs that benefit the average golfer every year. The Baffler rails under this hybrid have been used by them in the past and actually, surprisingly, do work.

Should I replace my 3 wood with a hybrid?

3 wood is also know as the mini driver so it should not be replaced by a hybrid which are typically substitutes for long irons. A 3 wood has a larger club head and a longer shaft than a hybrid. It can be hit just like a driver – on the up and can produce a similar result.

What degree is a Cobra 5 hybrid?

25 Degree
Cobra F-Max Airspeed Hybrids #5 Hybrid (25 Degree) Regular COBRA Airspeed 50.

Is there a 7 hybrid golf club?

While hybrids are a popular feature in the average golfer’s bag, a 7-hybrid is a rare sighting. Even beginners tend to play with a 7-iron over the hybrid equivalent. The reason a 7-hybrid has become relevant is due to the strengthened loft of a modern 7-iron.

What year did Cobra Max Irons come out?

Cobra Max Irons – Product Details

UK Launch 15 January 2016
USA Launch 15 January 2016
Handicap Range Low ‌‌‌‌ High
Golfer Mens, Women
Hand Availability Left, Right

What loft should my hybrid be?

14° to 17°
The loft is the angle of the clubface in relation to the ground. A low-lofted hybrid (14° to 17°) is ideally suited to replace your 3-wood or your 5-wood. This club is easier to hit than a long iron off the fairway….LOFT.

Loft Degrees Irons
17/19 2
20/21 3
22/23 4
24/28 5

What’s the easiest hybrid to hit?

Tour Edge Hot Launch E521 Offset/C521 Our take: Tour Edge claims the Hot Launch E521 Offset is specifically designed to be the easiest hybrid to hit, and based on our testers’ results, it’s definitely in the running.

What should the loft be of a hybrid Golf Club?

Here is a hybrid golf club loft degree chart for men that will help you replace your wooden clubs. There is no industry benchmark for the loft degree for hybrid golf clubs, but most beginners have a higher loft between 16 and 22 degrees.

Is the Cobra Slim Max a high speed hybrid?

The slim max is a high-speed hybrid with excellent ball control and mitigated air friction. Its slim body is an excellent aerodynamic shape with minimum vibration and a sweet sound upon impact. 3. Cobra Golf F9 Men’s Speedback Hybrid

What are the dimensions of a Cobra Golf?

Specifications Club Loft Lie Angle Length with COBRA CONNECT Length with Standard Grip 2 H 17.0° 57.5° 41.25″ 41.00″ 3 H 19.0° 58.0° 40.50″ 40.25″ 4 H 21.0° 58.5° 39.75″ 39.50″ 5 H 24.0° 59.0° 39.00″ 38.75″

What are the dimensions of a Cobra connect?

Specifications Club Loft Lie Angle Length with COBRA CONNECT Length 2H 17° 57.50° 41.25″ 41.00″ 3H 19° 58.00° 40.50″ 40.25″ 4H 21° 58.50° 39.75″ 39.50″ 5H 24° 59.00° 39.00″ 38.75″

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