What thread is the Gtek 170R?


What thread is the Gtek 170R?

There’s the latest Eclipse lowrise clamping feed. Shaft5 threaded 2-piece 14.5″ barrel. POPS ASA. And of course, full metal construction designed to give the 170R super sleek looks and that featherweight feel that makes the 170R just so nice to play with.

What thread is the MG100?

EMF100 MG100 Tactical Rifled Barrel With (22mm Muzzle Threads) – MCS.

What threading is the Etha 2?

Yes. It’s autocorrect cocker threaded.

What is an Autococker thread?

Autococker threading, also called A/C threading, is a very common barrel thread among speedball and woodsball paintball guns. The fine design of the A/C threading allows for a tight fit for a better seal between the barrel and the paintball gun.

What are Autococker threads?

** Autococker barrel threads, also known as AC barrel threads or Cocker barrel threads, were originally used on WGP Autocockers which were the most popular high-end paintball markers for years. As more high-end markers came on the market, they often used Autococker threads to appeal to former Autococker users.

Are Planet Eclipse guns Autococker threaded?

By far the most common is “Autococker thread”, which is used by Planet Eclipse, Dye, Empire, Shocker Paintball, as well as the obvious Autocockers, among others.

Are Planet Eclipse guns Autococker?

By far the most common is “Autococker thread”, which is used by Planet Eclipse, Dye, Empire, Shocker Paintball, as well as the obvious Autocockers, among others. Next biggest would be Ion/Impulse threads, used primarily by DLX and GoG, as well as older Ion and Impulse markers.

What thread is a tippmann TMC?

12.25″ Lightweight aluminum M-Lock handguard with picatinny rail. Complete with 16″ high performance barrel with muzzle breaker.

What kind of paintball gun is BT TM-15?

The BT TM-15 paintball gun has the internal guts of the proven Empire Mini platform covered with an extremely light magnesium body fully equipped with piccatinny rails for you tactical paintball needs. The TM-15 paintball gun accepts A5/BT-4 threaded barrels for the best versatility.

What kind of thread does a paintball gun use?

WDP (Angel Sorts) Barrel Threads: Thus, the Autococker barrel thread is the most common industry barrel thread for mid-range to high-end paintball guns. Many manufacturers re-named the thread for marketing purposes so you will sometimes see AC thread referred to as Mini barrel thread, Timmy barrel thread, or TM-15 barrel thread.

Is the BT paintball gun licensed by H and K?

The BT Delta paintball gun has taken realism to the next level by becoming officially licensed by Umarex, the official H&K licensee for paintball products. With the BT-4 Combat paintball gun at its core, get the real look and feel of the MP5 by H&K.

Do you need a TM-15 paintball marker?

If you answered Yes, then the Empire BT TM-15 Paintball Marker needs to be in your hands! The Empire Battle Tested TM-15 takes scenario paintball markers to the next level, combining speed and durability in a versatile tactical body. It is truly the ruler of the woodsball field!

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