How does Winnie feel?


How does Winnie feel?

Winnie feels a sense of anticipation and suspense as she waits while everyone else is asleep. Winnie also ponders whether or not she should drink the water Jesse gave her when she turned seventeen. It is a big decision, and she falls asleep.

Why is Winnie upset?

Winnie is upset because her mother and grandmother treat her like a child. The sound that interrupts the conversation between Winnie’s grandmother and the stranger is that of elves, according to the grandmother.

How does Winnie feel about her decision?

Winnie’s decision to make the Toad immortal is a touching one, indicating that she understands his role in these last few weeks, and she is grateful to him for what he helps teach her. It also is indicative that she is not completely sure she wants immortality even though it means giving up Jesse.

What calmed Winnie the most?

Mae repeatedly asks her to stay calm and tries to reassure Winnie that they will not hurt her. When they pass the stranger that had stopped at Winnie’s home the night before, Winnie is too surprised by her circumstances to ask for help. After Winnie begins to cry, Mae flips open the music box, which calms her.

Why did Tuck want Winnie to drink from the spring?

He does not want to live forever. Winnie does not want to die. She wants to be like the Tucks, but Tuck tells her everything must happen in time, the way it was meant and that if others find the spring it will cause so many problems. He really wants Winnie to understand this before she tries to drink from the spring.

What does Tuck talk about in Winnie the Pooh?

Tuck starts out by telling Winnie about how life is constantly “moving, growing, changing, [and] never the same two minutes together.” He tells her about the water and how it is always moving and changing. He reminds her that someday the water will go to the ocean. He talks about…

Where does Tuck take Winnie in Tuck Everlasting?

In Chapter Twelve of Tuck Everlasting, Tuck takes Winnie out onto the pond in a rowboat just as the sun is setting.

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